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STANLEY OPTICAL CO . 574 5th Av NTC USA & 30 W. Washington St.Chicago Il., USA. 1951 Advertisement Reseller. Brands: unknown. (note 20% war tax)

LEMAR SCIENTIFIC CORP . 3412 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago Illinois,  USA

1952 Advertisement, Reseller. Brands: unknown  (note 20% war tax)

UNITED BINOCULAR CO 9043 S. Western, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Importer, stor & mail order retailer. 1954 local area advertisement for retail store. Brands: UNITED binoculars, YOSHIDA binoculars.

MARSHUTZ 418 West 6th St Los Angeles California USA. 1949 Optical retailer Brands: Unknown

UNITED BINOCULAR CO Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Importer, mail order retailer. 1952 Advertisement.Brands: UNITED binoculars , YOSHIDA binoculars.

UNITED BINOCULAR CO  Importer, mail order retailer. 1953 Ad.  Brands: UNITED , YOSHIDA binoculars. “TITAN MIDGET” in this ad

GEORGE MAYERLE OPTICAL CO.   960 Market St San Francisco, Ca. USA. 1922 Advertisement, Importer, distributor.  Brands: FATA MORGANA binoculars.

MIURA TRADING CO LTD   298 Marunouchi Bldg, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Flyer. Exporter & Trading Co. Brand: MANON binoculars. Collection of Mark Ohno.


1972 Advertisement, Importer, mail order retailer. Brand: ATCO binoculars.

MANON Box 1386 Huntington Beach, Ca. USA. Importer, distributor, mail order. 1968   magazine Advertisement Brand: MANON

MANON 1972-1973 magazine advertisement, many magazines Brand: MANON

MIURA TRADING CO LTD ., aka MIURA SHOIJI KK , Marunouchi building,

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, (Japan) was an exporter and trading co, was founded 1946, and was the holder of 1964 US trademark for MANON , and used the brands MANON and SHRINE.

Marunouchi building

   For 1950’s Japanese advertisements, particularly for Nippon Kogaku, also see the

  section.   JAPANESE ORIGINS #2

ODEHNAL 680 Brandywine, Washington, DC

1971 magazine ad

Early United 6x15 Binoculars

Fata Morgana Binoculars

Manon 7x15 binoculars

UNITED PRODUCTS C0, 7941 S Halsted, Chicago Il. USA. Importer and mail order retailer . 1949 magazine advertisement. From 1946 United Products was advertising Swiss watches, and in 1947 were advertising war surplus US, UK & German binoculars, and around 1949 Japanese binoculars. From around March 1950 they were selling as UNITED BINOCULAR CO. (see below).

UNITED BINCOULAR CO , 7941 S Halsted, Chicago Il, USA. Importer and mail order retailer. March 1950 magazine advertisement.  Brand: UNITED binoculars

Atco 7x18 binoculars

SEARS ROEBUCK USA. 1952 Christmas Catalog. Retailer. Brand ( AoCo/ASAHI ) 6x15 Tower Jr binoculars

SEARS ROEBUCK USA. 1956 Christmas Catalog, retailer, advertisement for 6x15 binoculars. Brand: Unknown

CORNELL UNIVERSITY CAMPUS STORES at Barnes Hall, Ithaca, NY, USA. Retailer. Nov 1969 newspaper ad. Brand: BUSHNELL binoculars.

Bushnell 6x15 binoculars

AOCo Tower 6x15 binoculars

United 6x15 binoculars

  CHARLES FRANK LTD ., 145 Queen St., Glasgow,

  Scotland. Importer, distributor, retail chain.  Brand:

  FRANK NIPOLE binoculars. Collection of Mark Ohno.

Frank Nipole 12x50 binoculars

Frank Nipole 12x50 binoculars

Frank Nipole 12x50 binoculars

THALSON Co. 682 Mission St. San Francisco, Ca. USA. 1955 Binocular Catalog : Importer, distributor.  Brand: PALOMAR binoculars.

Collection of Mark Ohno

Palomar 1955 Dealer and Retail Miniature Binocular Prices

UNITED BINOCULAR CO 1043 South Western Av Chicago Illinois, USA. 1957 Binocular Catalog : Importer, distributor.  Brand: UNITED binoculars. Collection of Mark Ohno

UNITED BINOCULAR CO 1043 South Western Av Chicago Illinois, USA. 1953 Binocular Catalog : Importer, distributor.  Brand: UNITED, NIPPON KOGAKU MIKRON binoculars. Collection of Mark Ohno.

United sold a great many binoculars binoculars by mail, as well as spotting scopes and rifle scopes. By the date of this catalog, 1957, they claimed to have sold optical products to 1,100,000 customers. United catalogs were not dated, and each version was probably used over several years until a revision. The cover color scheme of the different catalogs varied, in this case green and yellow on white. Catalogs can be dated by  the  postmark of their original mailing envelope, or by price revision inserts, or by a reference to how many years they had been in business in the catalog copy.

At the time of this 1953 catalog, United Binocular Co was importing and distributing the Nippon Kogaku Mikron 6x15 binoculars. (they were no longer selling the Mikron by 1957). It is interesting to note that the $ 27.50 price of the Nippon Kogaku Mikron binoculars in 1953 is the equivalent of $232 in 2013 US dollars (per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Index). If my math is correct, the average US worker in 1953 would have had to have worked around 13 hours to buy these.

       Mikron 6x15 binoculars

United 10 Power Pocket Binocular

                  Center Focus

Period Advertising for Miniature Binoculars Ursprüngliche Werbung für Miniaturferngläser. La Publicité Originale Pour les Jumelles Miniatures. ミニチュア双眼鏡のヴィンテージ広告. Старые объявления для миниатюрных бинокль. Vintage Reklam för Kikare Miniatyr. Antigua Publicidad de Prismáticos en Miniatura. Pubblicità Vintage per Binocoli in Miniatura.



Advertisements cropped & edited for relevance. Presented for not-for-profit purposes of historical research and education. Vintage advertisements give insight into the nature of binoculars distribution and into dates of retail activity of brands and models.

ABE COHEN’S EXCHANGE INC 142 Fulton St, New York City, USA

1952 newspaper ad. Brand: COMET binoculars

ABE COHEN’S EXCHANGE INC NYC 1954 newspaper ad. Brand: THOROBRED binoculars