Der unterhaltsame fernglas Markenname.

Amusant miniature jumelles marques.

Развлечения с миниатюрных бинокли имен.

Diversión con binoculares en miniatura nombres


Miniature Binocular Iconography. Fernglas  Bildniskunde. Jumelles Iconographie. Бинокли Петербург. 双眼鏡 ブランド。 関連付けられているイメージ。 Iconografía Prismáticos. Iconografia dei Binocoli in Miniatura.

Mercury was the mythical Roman god of financial gain, trickery and thieves [sounds like the god of politicians?] and of travelers, and was a messenger of the gods and a guide for the recently dead.

Venus was the mythical Roman goddess of love and beauty

Hercules was the Roman name for the Greek divine hero and adventurer Heracles.

Apollo was the mythical Greek god of the sun, of music, poetry, oracles, medicine, knowledge, and plague.

Lucifer was name given by the King James bible rendition of the Hebrew word for morning star, popularly interpreted as fallen star, or Satan. In Latin it is alternately interpreted as bearer of light.

Luna was a mythological Roman goddess, the embodiment of the moon.

Pallas was a primordial Greek entity of war, variously said to be Athena’s .

father, sister, war companion, or war opponent, whom she kills by accident but whose name she resurrects by becoming Pallas Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, law, civilization, the arts, patron god of Athens, and goddess of war.

Hyperion was a mythological primordial Greek Titan and god of Light

Atlas was the mythological primordial Greek Titan who held up the world. Note the “globe” in the binocular logo.

Vesper was the Roman  version of the Greek mythological entity Hesperus, representing the “evening star” (the planet Venus).

Mt. Fuji is the iconic Japanese stratovolcano, and is probably the most recognizable mountain image in the world.

Antares is a red supergiant star in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Lupinus or Lupines bring drama to the garden, and death to livestock when mixed in their feed by mistake.

Swans are among the largest and most elegant flying birds. Note the purple cord on the binoculars. It is said that in Japan, purple symbolized royalty, spirituality, nobility, wisdom and enlightenment. Also arrogance.

The optical phenomenon of the Fata Morgana has confounded mankind on the oceans and in the deserts of the world.

Baby Hercules killing a snake.

Adult Hercules killing a Centaur.

Kestrels are small but effective… Just like these miniature binoculars.

The god Apollo with adoring sycophants.

Combat (Vietnam)

OK...I admit I cheated just a bit on the third binocular using photoshop to make it fit the story behind the interesting photo. Petro Dorando of Italy was first across the finish line at the 1908 Olympics Marathon, but was later disqualified for having received assistance when people picked him up several times when he collapsed, and also turned him around when he started running in the wrong direction.

Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, California, USA

Markings on Miniature Binoculars : How Is It Done? Miniatur Fernglas Markierungen. Wie wird es gemacht? Jumelles Miniature Marquages. Comment est-il fait? Миниатюрные бинокли маркировки. Как это сделать? 小型双眼鏡 マーキングします。 方法は'それをどのように実行されていますか? Prismáticos en Miniatura Marcas. ¿Cómo se hace? Marcature dei Binocolo in Miniatura: Come Viene Fatto?

Miniature binocular markings could be made three ways. The most professional way would be roll marking. A machined roll die impresses the marking into the metal with pressure. The die is expensive, and so is the related machinery. The common way is to use a rotary engraver. A spinning burr or mill cuts the markings, and geometric arms transfers the cuts to the part by tracing from a master template. On most of the rotary engraved markings and some of the roll die markings paint is wiped into the markings. The third and cheapest way of making miniature binocular markings is silk screen (surface) paint marking (usually on later binoculars). This is the least durable, and is often partly missing.

   Rotary engraved markings

   (less precise rotary  cuts)

  Roll mark stamped markings

(clean sharp impressed marks)

Roll mark die

Gravograph® Rotary engraving machine

Hydraulic roll marking machine

Miniatur Fernglas Markierungen sind zwei unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten. Die professionellste Art ist die Markierung mit rollenden sterben. Eine weniger professionelle Weise ist der Einsatz einer gravur Maschine oder eine Fräsmaschine. Jumellws Miniature marquages sont faites deux façons. La façon la plus professionnelle est rouleau marquage. Un rouleau usinée meurent impressionne le marquage dans le métal avec la pression. La matrice est coûteux, et il en est de même pour l'équipement connexe. UN moins professionnel moyen est l'utilisation d'un graveur rotatif. Une filature burr ou mill coupures les marquages, géométrique transferts d'armes les compressions budgétaires imposées à la partie par le traçage d'un modèle maître. C'est bon pour une courte production économique s'exécute, mais le résultat est le pétrole brut.

Prismáticos en miniatura se realizan las marcas dos maneras. La manera más profesional es rollo marcado. Una forma menos profesional es el uso de una máquina rotativa o una fresadora

All non binocular photographs are believed public domain

  Silk Screen Paint

(applied on top of surface)

Japanese External Reverse Porro Prism Binoculars. VIRTUAL MUSEUM


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