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The following list of abbreviated markings is of [mostly] Japanese optical companies involved with binoculars and identified by my research. Some abbreviations are found written, and some appear within logos. Keep in mind the abbreviation could represent Romanji, Anglicized, or the company with an earlier name. This resource is also applicable to telescopes, spotting scopes, microscopes and similar products. This is based on documented logo ownership and other period documentation and is NOT speculative AND NOT based on opinions.

A.K.C.: A kebono K ogaku C o (Akebono Kōgyō Seisakujo 曙光学工業 )

ASA: Asa hi Kogakuki Co Ltd.

AOCo: A sahi O ptical Co (Asahi Kōgaku Kōgyō) & ( 旭光学工業株式会社 )

B.O.L.: B ushnell O ptical L aboratory Inc (US based inspection operation

B.S.D.: Bunshodo Co Ltd

C.O.C.: C arton O ptical C o (Carton Optical Industries Ltd / カートン光学株式会社)

C.P.O.: Japanese export only marking

E.O.C.: E ikow O ptical C o. Ltd

F.E.: F ar E astern Sales Co (US importer)

FJM: Fujimi Optical Co Ltd

F.P.O.: F uji P hoto O ptical Co Ltd

FJM: Fujimi Optical Co Ltd

FUJIOPT: Fuji Optical Co Ltd

G.M.C.: GMC Trading Co AG of Switzerland, G ujer & M ueli C o.)

K.K.: (preceded by co name) K abushiki K aisha ( 株式会社 )  means “stock co”

KKK: Kyowakoki Co Ltd

H.O.C.: H iyoshi O ptical C o.

IHC: Ichizuka Optical Industrial Co Ltd

I.O.C.: I tabashi O ptical Mfg C o Ltd

IS: Sokkisha Co. Ltd

JO: J . O sawa Co Ltd

J.T.I.I.: J apan T elescopes I nspection I nstitute

K: Omori Sogo Kogaku Kogyo Co Ltd ( 大森総合光学工業 ) (logo)

K.O.C.: K anto O ptical C o ( Kantō Kōgaku Kabushiki Kaisha ) ( 関東光学株式会社 )

K.O.C.: K atsuma O ptical C o Ltd ( Katsuma Kōgaku Kōgyō K.K.) ( 勝間光学工業株式会社 )

K.O.C.: K inei O ptical Co

K.O.C.: K uroki O ptical C o Ltd

K.O.I.C.: K uroki O ptical I nstrument C o Ltd

KOYU: (not abbr) Koyu Co. Ltd.

KS: K oizumi S okki Mfg Co Ltd

K.S.S.: K obayashi S eiki S eisakujo Ltd

LEO: Leo tax Camera Co Ltd

M: M ikasa & Co.

M.S.C.: M eiji S eiko Co Ltd ( 明治精工株式会社 )

M.S.K.: M eiji S eiko K ogaku

NAOKI: believed Tokuhiro Micro Binocular Co./ Tokuhiro Kōki Seisakusho Inc./


N.B.K.: N ippon B una K oki Co. Ltd.

NDK: N ippon D enki K ogyo Co Ltd

NKK: Nanshin Optical Industry Co Ltd ( N ashin K ogaku K ogyo)

O.I.C.: O ptical I ndustrial C o (Zuiho brand of Olympus Optical Co Ltd.)

O.S.K.: O mori S ogo K ogaku Kogyo Co Ltd ( 大森総合光学工業 )

O.T.C.: O riental T rading C o. (Exporter buying agent, same entity as Toyo Jitsugo)

PIKA: Nashimura Optical Works Ltd.

R.K.K.: R iken K ōgaku K ōgyō   理研光学工業㈱ , (Pre-Ricoh )

S & A: S wift and A nderson

SES: Sokueisha Co. Ltd

S.K.: Sankyo K ohki Optical Goods Works Ltd

SK: Kuribayashi camera Industry

SM: Mamiya Camera Co Ltd

SMC : trade marked marking of Pentax Corp

S.O.C.: S howa O ptical C o Ltd

S.P.I.: S outhern P recision I nstruments Co Inc (US importer)

T: T amaya & Co. Ltd

T: T ogodo Optical Co Ltd

T.J.K.: T oyo J itsugo K .K./ Oriental trading Co. (buying agent/exporter/mfgr)

TERA: Teraoka Seiko Co Ltd

Y: Yashica Co. Ltd

Y.K.K.: Y amada K ogaku K ogyo Co Ltd

Mystery Markings of Miniature Binoculars: Seeking Information. Mystery Markierungen auf Miniatur- Ferngläser : Benötigte Informationen. Marquages Mystèrieux Jumelles Miniatures: Informations Requises. Тайна Миниатюрный Бинокли Маркировки: Информация, необходимая. ミステリーミニチュア双眼鏡マーキング:情報が必要。 Mysterietketter på  Minikikare : Information Behövs. Marcas de Misterio en Prismáticos Miniatura: Información Necesaria. Marcature di Misterio sui Binocoli Miniaturizzati: Informazioni Necessarie.

Identified Markings on Mininature Binoculars . Identifiziert Markierungen auf Miniatur- Ferngläser. Les marques relevées sur les jumelles miniatures . Выявленные Маркировка на миниатюрных Бинокль.  ミニチュア双眼鏡で識別マーキング. Identifierade Märkning på Miniatyr Kikare. Las marcas identificadas en Prismáticos miniatura. Marcature Abbreviate Delle Aziende Giapponesi Coinvolte con il Binocolo.

         “ MSC ”  

M eiji S eiko C o Ltd






KOIC ” when associated with “LICHTER” is K uroki O ptical I nstrument C o Ltd. aka: Kuroki Kogaku Kogyo Co. Ltd. This is according to a 1961 book written by Robert & Elsa Reichert, confirmed by the Europa Logos list.







K.O.C. ” when associated with Lichter is the english translation of Kuroki Kogaku Kogyo Co. Ltd.: K uroki O ptical Company. The brand connection is according to a 1961 book written by Robert & Elsa Reichert.



BOL ” is B ushnell O ptical L aboratory Inc. 2828 East Foothill Blvd, Pasadena Ca 91107, incorporated on 1/02/1952.  Bushnell owned this “inspection and further guarantee” company.

JB001 Toa Optical Co., Ltd. (Toa Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushiki-geisha )( 東亜光学株式会社 ): 1-7 Chihaya-cho, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

JB5 JE5 Meiji Seiko Co, Ltd. ( 明治精工株式会社 ) : 803 Yukigaya-cho, Ota-ku, Tokyo

JB6 Asahi Optical Co. Ltd. (Asahi Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushiki-geisha ) ( 旭光学工業株式会社 ) 980 Shimura-maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

JB6 Pentax Corporation (Pentakkusu Kabushiki-geisha )( ペンタックス株式会社, )

JB7 JE7 Nippon Kogaku Kogyo Co. Ltd. (Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushiki-geisha) ( 日本工学株式会社 ) : Oi-Morimae-cho, Shingawa-ku, Tokyo

JE11 Omiya Kōgaku Kikai Seisakujo, Tokyo ( 大宮光学機械製作所 )

JE14 Ueta Seiki Co. Ltd

JB17 Otake Optical Co (Otake Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushiki-geisha( 大竹光学工業株式会社 )  

JB25 Zuiho Optical Instrument Co Ltd. ( Zuihō Kōgaku Seiki K.K., Tokyo )( 瑞宝光学精機工業株式会社 ) 3-7 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

JE44 IIkura Optical Works (Iikura Kogaku Seisakujo Inc.) ( 飯倉光学製作所 ) : 43 Tokumaru-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

JB47 Tokuhiro Micro Binocular Co: (Tokuhiro Koki Seisakusho Inc)( 徳弘光機製作所株式会社 )9-1101 Nippori-machi, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo

JE49 Sankyo Optical Co Ltd.   (Sankyo Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushiki-geisha) ( 三共光学工業株式会社 ) : 2-8 Naka-Jujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo

JE50 Tanaka Optical Co Ltd (Tanaka Koki Seisakujo) ( 田中光機製作所 ) 4 Fujimi-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

JE51 Yoshimoto Optical Co Ltd. : ( 吉本光学株式会社 ) 1-3340 Nishi-Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

JB56 Hyoshi KogakuCo. Ltd

JB57 JE57 Oji Optical Machine Co. Ltd (Oji Kōgaku Kikai K.K.)( 王子光学機械株式会社 ) 5-34 Inatsuke-Nishi-machi, Kita-ku, Tokyo

JB69 Akebono Optical Co., Ltd. (Akebono Kōgyō Seisakujo) ( 曙光学工業 ) : 1-956 Nogata-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

JB74 JE74 Omori Sogo Kōgaku Kōgyō Ltd.( 大森総合光学工業 ) : 202 Ikegami-Honcho, Ota-Ku, Tokyo

JE79 Furukawa Kōgaku Seisakujo ( 古川光学製作所 )

JE84 Oei Kōgaku Co Ltd. ( 応永光学株式会社 )

JB63 Ofuna Optical Instrument Co., Ltd (Ofuna Kōgaku K.K.)( 大船光学工業株式会社 ) 659 Dai, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa

JB93 Siewa Optical Co. Ltd. (Seiwa Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushiki-geisha ) ( 清和光学株式会社 ) : 5-1617 Naka-machi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

JE94 Ibuki Kogaku Ltd ( 伊吹光学株式会社 )

JE96 Nikkei Optical Co, Tokyo ( 日経光学株式会社 )

JB133 Kamakura Optical Co, Ltd: 2-51-2 Shimo-machi, Kita-ku, Tokyo

JB173 Okaya Optical Co, Ltd (Okaya  Kōgaku Kikai K.K.) 岡谷光学機械㈱ ( Vista brand binoculars)

JB231 Tochihara Optical Co ( 栃原光学株式会社)


      The Following Manufacturers are associated with these type miniature binoculars, but not through JB or JE codes


Asanuma & Co Ltd

Carton Optical Industries Ltd ( カートン光学株式会社)

Fuji Photo Optical Co,. Ltd:  1-24 Uetake-cho, Omiya-Shi, Saitama Ibuki Kōgaku Co. Ltd.   ( 伊吹光学株式会社 )

Hoya Optical Co, Ltd. (Hoya Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushiki-geisha) ( 保谷光学株式会社 ) 38 Oyama-Kanai-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

Kuroki Kogaku Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Oriental Trading Co

Oshimoto Kōgaku Co Ltd

Rikken Optical Co., Ltd. (Riken Kōgaku Kōgyō K.K.) ( 理研光学工業㈱ )

Tokyo Kogaku Kikai

Toyo Jitsugo KK

W. Haking Enterprises Ltd. Est 1956 in Hong Kong by Dr. Haking Wong  and Dr. Pauline Chan  (Halina brand binoculars)

Yashica Co Ltd ( Yashica Kōgyō Kabushiki-geisha ) ( ヤシカ ) plus U.S. subsidiary marketing firm Yashica Inc.


AOCo ” is A sahi O ptical Co (later became Pentax)

aka: 旭光学工業株式会社

aka: Asahi Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushiki-gaisha

Heiland div of Honeywell was the US importer for a while.


Japanese External Reverse Porro Prism Binoculars. VIRTUAL MUSEUM

EOC ” is E ikow O ptical C o.

HOC ” is believed to be H iyoshi O ptical C o. (JB-56)

Is  “ T.O.M. Co. T oho O ptical M fg Co ? Toho made binoculars, the letters match, and the time frame is about right, but this is purely su speculative.



Do you know the meaning of these markings? Kennen Sie die Bedeutung dieser Markierungen? Connaissez-vous la signification de ces marques? Знаете ли вы, что означают эти маркировки? あなたはこれらのマーキングの意味を知っていますか? Vet du inneborden av dessa markeringar ? Conoce usted el significado de estas marcas?

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MSK is the romaji for M eiji S eiko K ōgaku, the earlier version of MSC M eiji S eiko C o Ltd

RKK ” is R iken K ōgaku K ōgyō

  理研光学工業㈱ , (later became Ricoh)

MCF ” is M icron design C enter F ocus

MIF ” is M icron design I ndependent F ocus

Abbreviated Markings of Japanese Companies Involved with Binoculars. Abgekürzt Markierungen der Japanischen Firmen mit Fernglas Beteiligt. Abrégées Marquages ​​des Sociétés Japonaises Impliquées avec des Jumelles. Сокращенные Маркировки японских компаний, занимающихся с биноклем. 双眼鏡 で関与する日本企業の短縮マーキング. Kortnummer Märkning av Japanska Företag som Sysslar med Kikare. Verkorte Markeringen van de Japanse Bedrijven die Betrokken zijn met Verrekijkers. Las Marcas Abreviadas de Compañías Japonesas que Participan con los Prismáticos. Marcature Accreiate Delle Aziende Giapponesi Coinvolte con il Binocolo.

Text Box: R
Text Box: S

Y.E. in diamond

Text Box: T



Text Box: U
Text Box: V


S&A ” is S wift & A nderson, after 1959 Swift Sport Instrument Co.

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CONTACT US WITH INFORMATION OR COMMENTS: miniature.binoculars@gmail.com

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Center Focus Binoculars: Partially Disassembled. Zentrum Fokus Fernglas: Teilweise Zerlegt. Mise au Point Centrale Jumelles: Partiellement Dissimulé. Центральный фокус бинокль:: частично разобрана. Optistar センターフォーカス双眼鏡:部分的に分解 . Center Focus Kikare: Delvis Demonterade.  CenterFocus Prismáticos: Parcialmente Desarmado. Binocolo Centrale a Fuoco: Parzialmente Disassemblato.


  Die Codes des Herstellers, Die Ich auf Miniaturferngläsern Beobachtet Habe.  Codes de Fabricant Trouvés

 sur les Jumelles Miniatures Japonaises.  Коды производителя я заметил  на миниатюрный японский бинокль. メーカーコード小型双眼鏡で観察された . Tillverkarens Nummer jag har Lakttagits i Miniatyr Kikare. Códigos del Fabricante he Observado en Miniatura Prismáticos. Codici del Produttore Che ho Osservato Sui Binocoli in Miniatura.

Note that some manufacturer’s miniature binocular activity falls outside of the JB/ JE code time frame (before or after), such as Rikken. And in some cases a company that was an optical manufacturer may have had all of their miniature binoculars made by others (Carton, Hoya, Yashica). The address below are circa 1959, and may represent either sales offices or manufacturing plants.

Die folgenden Adressen sind circa 1959 und stellen möglicherweise entweder Verkaufsbüros oder Produktionsanlagen dar.

Les adresses suivantes sont environ 1959 et représentent probablement soit bureaux de vente ou des usines.

Speculation About Markings on Binoculars. Spekulationen über Ferngläser Kennzeichnungen. Les Spéculations sur Jumelles Marques. Слухи о Бинокли разметке. 双眼鏡 マーキングについて憶測. Spekulation om Kikare Märkningar. La Especulación Acerca Prismáticos Marcas. Speculazione Sulle Marcature Sui Binocoli.



M.I.I .





OSK ” is O mori S ogo K ogaku, in the right hand example manufacturing for importer/distributor United Binocular Co. of Chicago Illinois, USA.

Text Box:  Y

Is“ A.K. A kebono K ōgaku? But, arguing against Akebono is more associated with the AKC “pyramid” logo, but since they are heavily associated with miniature binoculars, it is plausible but only speculative.


The center focus binoculars above are the configuration that move the oculars in and out to focus. Disassembly to service is more complex than for independent focus models.



The “ FE ” logo is F ar E astern Sales Co, 2251 West Pico  Blvd., Los Angeles, California USA.


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O.T.C. ” is O riental T rading Co. , and they state this in their 1951 ad in the Journal of Finance & Commerce. The Japanese exporter, Oriental Trading Co., supplied most of Bushnell’s miniature binoculars, and is documented to have supplied  other US importers.

TOR Optical Trading Co., founded in 1948, was listed in directories as a manufacturer/exporter/importer of binoculars (1,500 pieces, microscopes, telescopes, opera glasses and cameras in 1953) with trade with the USA, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, and West Germany. The company was located at 2 Shiba Tamuracho, Minato-Ku Tokyo, with head offices at 2038 Shimoochiai 4-chome, Shijuku-ku, Tokyo, and also operated a factory in Tokyo

Japanese telescope enthusiasts ascribe “ NAOKI ” to Tokuhiro Micro Binocular Co./ Tokuhiro Kōki Seisakusho Inc./ 徳弘光機製作所株式会社. And I have observed “ NAOKI ” often associated with JB47 (MFGR CODE FOR Tokuhiro) on Binolux, Carton, Fuji, Hoya, Rainbow and Zenith branded binoculars So this is speculative but probable .

KOC ” above is believed to be K uroki O ptical C ompany, in example supplying Chicago Illinois based US binocular importer/distributor United Binocular Co.

Text Box: AA
Cloud Callout:

Binoculars taste like peas with highlights of beet and just a hint of lima bean...

 “ GMC ” is GMC Trading AG of Wallisellen Switzerland ( distributes photographic & optical products), previously G ujer & M ueli C o.)

CPO ” and “ EP ” are Occupied Japan era markings indicating items for export (untaxed) both for military post exchanges and conventional export. The markings are related to the myriad of SCAP and Japanese authorities governing materials allocation, trade, procurement, export, taxation, and promotion of manufacturing. Exact meaning is uncertain, though central Procurement Office & Central Purchasing Office are common interpretations.and my research indicates “EP” is

‘Export Property”

M ” type is

M icronType or M ikron type
































S & G


S & G

















Is the “ TOC ” marking Tokyo Optical Co./ Tōkyō Kōgaku Kikai KK? There is an assertion on a binoculars discussion that it is (but there are many incorrect assertions on these discussion threads). I think “ TOC ” is more likely Tochihara Optical Co ( 栃原光学株式会社). But that is also purely speculative.

TJK ” is T oyo J itsugo K ogaku K.K., which was the Kugahara factory of Oriental Trading Co., (OTC) and is “Oriental Trading Co” as expressed in Romanji. Oriental Trading Co was a documented buying agent & supplier of binoculars & telescopes to US distributors and importers.

K.O.C. ” when associated with Kanto or Glanz binoculars is the English translation of Kanto Kogaku K.K.: K anto O ptical C o. The link between Kanto and Glanz is per a 1951 advertisement.


 “ SPI ” is S outhern P recision I nstruments Co Inc. 3419 E. Commerce St Ste E, San Antonio, Texas 78220-1334. (importer)

M ” as above is M icron

Type or M ikron type. “ Koyu ” is Koyu Co Ltd. (1954-1970) redecessor Co. to Vixen Co. Ltd.

O.I.C. ” , usually on Zuiho binoculars, stands for O ptical I nstrument C o. When OIC is used on the Olympus logo (only) it is for Optical Industrial Co.

Is  “ S.K.K. Co. S eiwa K ō gaku K ō gyō Co .? Seiwa was a prolific contract maker of these small binoculars and the SKK is in the portion of a logo where the manufacturer normally goes. Unfortunately it is not the only binoculars maker that would fit the letters even if the most likely one. Also the S.K.K. is could be Sakura gaku gyō Co. but I have been unable to find reference to any co by that name. All purely s peculative.

OTC ” is O riental T rading C o. export part of TJK T oyo J itsugo K ogaku K.K , buying agent & supplier of binoculars & telescopes to US importers.

Is  “ T.K.K. T ōkyo K ō gaku K ikai K.K.or Tokyo Optical Company Ltd 東京光学機械㈱ ? The standard well documented logo used by Tokyo Kogaku Kikai K.K.is on the right above. The time period is right and they actively marketed binoculars to the west from the occupation period on. Eventually became Topcon K.K. But T.K.K. being Tokyo Kogaku is purely s peculative .

 “ S.O.C.” is S howa O ptical C o Ltd according to period documentation of the Japan Telescope Manufacturer’s Association and period trademark logo data

CONTACT US WITH INFORMATION OR COMMENTS:  miniature.binoculars@gmail.com

CONTACT US WITH INFORMATION OR COMMENTS:  miniature.binoculars@gmail.com

CONTACT US WITH INFORMATION OR COMMENTS:  miniature.binoculars@gmail.com

CONTACT US WITH INFORMATION OR COMMENTS:  miniature.binoculars@gmail.com

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 “ FPO” is F uji P hoto Film Co per the above period Matsushima Optical Japanese catalog

submitted by Hotze Barendse, Holland


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Is “ GM ” US outdoor outfitter G ander M ountain? Plausible and they sold binoculars and the sportsman part would fit. But, arguing against Gander Mountain used trademarked GMTN initials for lots of things and not GM, so speculative and perhaps wishful thinking.