Japanese External Reverse Porro Prism Binoculars. VIRTUAL MUSEUM

  Fata Morgana 4 X binoculars

 Alfred Baumann/ Cassel (1920’s)

 German made precursor design

Optistar 6 X15 binoculars Alfred Baumann Cassel German made precursor design

AOCo/ Asahi Jupiter Jr . MIOJ       6 x 15 IF binoculars

AOCo (Asahii) Jupiter Jr MIOJ

6 x 15 IF binoculars, case inscribed

Merry Xmas 1950 From General J Battley

Nippon Kogaku Nikon 5 x15 CF binoculars variant w/ JE 44 (Iikura Kogaku) marked frame


  Bushnell 7 x18 IF binoculars

Nippon Kogaku Mikron 6 x15 IF binoculars 

Nippon Kogaku Mikron MIOJ

6 x 15 IF binoculars



Baker Standard Venus Junior 

6 x15 IF binoculars

One of the nice things about collecting miniature binoculars is that they are small and take up a modest amount of space. Obsolete industrial furniture such as these blueprint cabinets I acquired (above) make an excellent way to secure a huge number of small binoculars where they are out of the way, don’t collect dust, but are still convenient to get at and view. Trial fit binoculars in drawers before purchasing cabinet. Some cabinets with tall drawers will accommodate full size binoculars. Compare the space required for hundreds of miniature binoculars, versus larger binoculars…. 

...like these massive 10x80  Flakfernrohr binoculars in my collection. These World War II binoculars were used for spotting aircraft in conjunction with the 8.8cm (88mm) German Flak antiaircraft artillery. Quite nice optics. These heavy binoculars were used with an elaborate cradle fitted to a tripod.

Lucifer AKC MIOJ 6 x15 IF  


Adams 6 x15 CF binoculars

Big and small Japanese binoculars from the collection...1950’s YamaFuji 6x 15 binoculars along with ex US Secret Service property Mirador Limer BCF 11 x 80 binoculars.

   Raiya 10 x 20 CF binoculars

Adams 6 x15 IF binoculars

  Ensign MIOJ 6 x15 IF binoculars

Ensign 7 x18 IF binoculars

     Royal 6 x15 IF binoculars

    Petite 6 x15 IF binoculars

 Luxor MIOJ 6 x15 IF binoculars

   Centura 6 x15 CF binoculars

  Luxor MIOJ 6 x18  IF binoculars

 Binolux 6 x15 M6 IF binoculars

   Tasco 8 x20 CF binoculars

Fata Morgana 4 x 12 binoculars

Alfred Baumann Cassel (1920’s)

German made precursor design

Petite MIOJ 6 x18 IF binoculars

    AOCo Capitan MIOJ 6 x15

              IF binoculars

   Bushnell Broadfield 6 x25 IF 

    binoculars (AOCo marked)

  AOCo Jupiter Senior 6 x25

 Asahi Optical Co IF binoculars

         Heiland PENTAX (AOCo)

         6 x15 IF binoculars

       Binolux 7 x18 IF binoculars

     Bushnell MIOJ 6 x25 CF

   binoculars (AOCo marked)

  Tasco 12 x 40 CF binoculars

  Tasco 8 x 20 Atom (NFL)  

CF binoculars

  Binolux 8 x20 CF binoculars

Ensign 6 x15 IF MIOJ binoculars

   Bushnell 6 x15 CF binoculars

  chocolate brown & gold !

Bushnell MIOJ 6 x15 IF binoculars

Lucifer AKC 7 x 18 IF binoculars

     Royal 7 x18 IF binoculars

Lucifer AKC 7 x18 IF binoculars

(Sweden market model)

    AOCo/ Asahi Tower 6 x15

                IF binoculars

AOCo Sport 6 x15 IF binoculars

 Bushnell 6 x15 CF binoculars

Nikko Mikron pre-war 6 x IF binoculars (Nippon Kogaku)

 Binolux 10 x20 CF binoculars

    Binolux 7 x18 IF binoculars

            AOCo Pentax 6 x25 1969

  50th Anniversary CF binoculars