SANS & STREIFFE 8400 Brookfield Ave. Brookfield Il  and 565 West Washington Blvd, Chicago Il. USA Imprints from manuals. Importer, Distributor. Brand: SANS & STREIFFE binoculars.  Circa 1958 to the late 1960’s?

S.E. LASZLO 200 Tillery St, Brooklyn NY., Circa 1966 Binocular Catalog . Distributor. Brand: “YOSHIDA THOROBRED” binoculars “HIGH SCORE GRAND VIEW” binoculars

BUSHNELL binocular ad


Japanese External Reverse Porro Prism Binoculars.  VIRTUAL MUSEUM


Period Advertising for Miniature Binoculars. Ursprüngliche Werbung für Miniaturferngläser. La Publicité Originale Pour les Jumelles Miniatures. ミニチュア双眼鏡のヴィンテージ広告. Старые объявления для иниатюрных бинокль. Vintage Reklam för Kikare Miniatyr. Antigua Publicidad de Prismáticos en Miniatura. Pubblicità Vintage per Binocoli in Miniatura.

SWIFT INSTRUMENTS INC. Boston 25 Ma., San Jose 12 Ca. USA. Importer. USA. 1963 catalog. Brand: SWIFT binoculars. Collection of Mark Ohno


NIKON Models with 5x15 and 7x15 binoculars

Nikon Flyer

Ad for SELECT (VIXEN?) “M” type 12x 25 binoculars

BENNETT BROTHERS BLUE BOOK of QUALITY MERCHANDISE 1963 catalog. Catalog retailer. Chicago, Il. USA

COMPASS INSTRUMENT & OPTICAL CO INC 104 East 25th St., NY, NY, 10010 USA. Importer, distributor. USA. 1976 wholesale catalog. Brand: BINOLUX binoculars. Collection of Mark Ohno

ASAHI PENTAX Italian Market Manufacturer Catalog of Distributor A.P.I. s.p.a, Casella Pastale  615, 50100 Firenze, Italy.

Brand: ASAHI PENTAX binoculars.

Collection of Mark Ohno

J.L. GALEF & SON, INC. , 85 Chambers St., NY.,7, NY. Distributor. 1950 catalog Brand: MIDGET binoculars. Collection of Mark Ohno

YORK CUTLERY CO. 552 West Market St, York, Pa. USA. Importer, Distributor,  early 1950’s to mid 1990’s. Brochure (printed in Japan). Marked to local hardware store Mayer Fairchild, Towanda, Pa. Brand: unknown. Collection of Mark Ohno

FE/ FAR EASTERN SALES CO. 2251 WEST Pico Blvd Los Angeles 6 California USA. Importer, Distributor. 1952 catalog. Brand: F-E, F-E TOURIST, F-E COMMANDO binoculars . Collection of Mark Ohno


ANDERSON’S JEWELRY CENTER Second, South and Main, Salt Lake City, Utah,USA 1949 Ad. Jeweler/Retailer. Note $1 a week financing! These would have been among the very first Japanese post war binoculars shipments to the USA: 1949 was the first year.

MILLER’S SURPLUS & VOLUME STORES San Bernadino, California USA 1965 Ad. Retailer. Brand: RALEIGH binoculars

Raleigh 6x15 binoculars

BOSSERT’S CAMERA SHOP 213 E 4th St., ong Beach, California, USA 1967 Ad. Retailer. Brand:  BUSHNELL binoculars.

PFILE’S CAMERA SHOP 221 North Water St., USA 1963 Ad. Retailer. Brand:  SCOPE binoculars.

LINN AND SCRUGGS Decatur, Illinois, USA 1951 Ad. Retailer. Brad: BUSHNELL

UNKLE JOES WOODSHED Flemington, Pennsylvania, USA  Ad. Outdoor Retailer

KING’S JEWELRY COMPANY 212 E Washington St, New Castle, Pennsylvania,USA 1956 Ad. Jeweler/Retailer. Note 50¢ down and 50¢ a week financing!

MABLEY AND CAREW Swinton Center, Cincinatti, Ohio 1961 Ad.

PHIL JUDD’S 83 East Park St., Butte, Montana, USA 1961 Ad.

LEWIS BROS Fayetteville, Arkansas,  USA. 1967 Ad. Department store

INGRAMS APPLIANCES , 800 Belvedere Rd., West Palm Beach, Florida USA  1956 Ad.

GUMPS South Avenue, Pasadena, California, USA 1961 Ad. Brand: SWIFT binoculars

MARIN SURPLUS 49 Simms at Anderson, San Rafael, California, USA 1977 Ad. Brand: SELSI binoculars. The common use of the term “Micron” was to invoke the image of but not cause legal conflict with the Nippon Kogaku use of “Mikron” on their binoculars of these type. Both terms came to symbolize binoculars of this design. Ironically, Nippon Kogaku used the term on additional conventional binocular designes and powers in addition to their 6x15 and 7x15 designs.

MARIN SURPLUS 49 Simms at Anderson, San Rafael, California, USA 1974 Ad.

UNION SUPPLY CO 5 Mount Vernon Ave., Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA 1955 Ad.

OSCO DRUG USA 1965 Ad. Note use of the term “SKELETON BINOCULARS”

MARIN SURPLUS 49 Simms at Anderson, San Rafael, California, USA 1974 Ad.

ROBBINS 89 Main St. Cortland, NY. USA 1952 ad. Note use of the term “miniature skeleton binoculars”

SWAN RIES & CO 133 South Wabash, Chicago Illinois USA 1959 ad

Advertisements cropped & edited for relevance. Presented for not-for-profit purposes of historical research and education. Vintage advertisements give insight into the nature of binoculars distribution and into dates of retail activity of brands and models.

ONEIL’S Akron, Ohio USA 1957 Ad. Brand: Tasco binoculars

FE 6x15 IF binoculars

E RAY WATCHER PHOTO CENTER  Frederick, Maryland, USA. 1959 ad. Brand: TASCO

SEARS Adams at Second St, Phoenix, Arizona USA . 1952 Ad. Dept Store. Brand:  AOCo 6x15 Jupiter Junior binoculars.

WESTLAKE CAMERA STORES 635 Olive St Los Angeles, California , USA  1953 Ad. Camera store

KINGS JEWELRY 212 E Washington St., New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA 1955 Ad. Jeweler

MORSAN Yonkers NY USA. 1975 ad. Brand: TASCO